Bachelor of Education

Diploma of Early Childhood

Feng Shui


Spiritual Mentoring

Holistic Education Consultant


I spent my childhood on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, in the seaside town called Penguin. With three siblings I grew up in a happy, stable home with lots of time spent in nature, in the bush and by the sea. Every day I am inspired by nature and all things Spiritual to continuously work towards becoming the best version of myself.

I have always welcomed challenges and enjoy the satisfaction of finding answers and sharing what I have learned and this has been the inspiration for creating my business - Spirit of Mandala which means the hidden, unseen part of life.

My spiritual journey and awakening began soon after I became a parent and seriously began to ask the big questions in life - Who am I? Why am I here on Planet Earth at this time? and What is my purpose?

Having 30 years’ experience in primary education and 25 years of my own spiritual searching, as well as being a parent, I am very aware of the issues parents, children and families face in our world today. My passions are many but my main focus has always been the education of children.

I am a passionate educator who believes we must take more alternative action, to assist our kids in this demanding, complicated, fast and energetically wired world.

The current education system just isn't meeting the needs of today's children and their families. Kids today are different, they need a different approach to how most of us grew up. They are much more spiritually aware than we were but overall they are lacking hope for the future of our Planet Earth.

We must give them hope again – hope for the future – because they are the future! Together we can all make a difference.”


My big picture ideal is for everyone to work together, on a conscious level to create positive change for our children’s future. We have all had enough of the corruption, deceit, lack of compassion and respect for the environment, among our leaders in general.

Alone we can’t do much, but together we can be powerful!


“We must all put in effort to re-strengthen our communities and all that goes with living together as human beings.

We must all become humanitarians – all of us need to support each other.

I believe that we can create a better world if we all combine our thoughts, values and expectations.”

open hands.jpeg

“Our thoughts create our reality; we need to be collectively thinking positive things for the future of our beautiful Planet Earth.

We can create – together.

The collective consciousness - that’s how it can work.

That’s how we can create the change we all crave.”

“Most of my work takes place in the unseen world I want to take you there because that’s where the magic happens!”

Come on a journey with me ….. into the future!