Spirit of Mandala, the logo and the name, have been specially chosen because it represents the process of evolving as a human being on Planet Earth at this time in history.

Later, for those of you who join our Membership Program, you will come to understand the meaning of the detail in the logo and how it has been designed by to represent ‘human spiritual evolution’.

Human Spiritual Evolution is all there is…

It’s the most important thing we need to focus on at this time.

All of us.

Some of you know this already and some of you are learning it now. It doesn’t matter as long as we all know what we need to do.

It is our sole purpose for being here on Planet Earth

That’s the big secret we all need to hear because that is the only job we have to do!

“Spirit” means the part of you that cannot be touched or seen. The invisible part of all living organisms, including humans.

It is your essence, your soul - the part of you that you know is there but often ignore.

The very centre dot of our Spirit of Mandala logo is the very centre of YOU ! Your soul.

It’s your SPIRIT that lies within you – always has been there and always will. In every human on Earth this part of is the most important and yet the most ignored….

Your Spirit wants to be fully expressed and when we all fully express ourselves then we will have a much better world.

You can call it your God-Force, Soul, Spirit, Universal Life Force – call it whatever you want but it’s there, it’s real and it wants you to know it.

The essence of your Spirit, the foundations on which it lies -

is LOVE.

Love and always love.

Have you ever thought the saying “Love is all there is” was a bit wishy washy and abstract? Pie in the sky and an ideal world sort of saying….

I have.

Well I used to ….. until I learned that its true!

If you remember one thing from reading this blog, then remember -

        What ever the question – Love is always the answer !

So now for the next part of our name -

“Mandala” literally means ‘circle’ and in many cultures around the globe it represents everything in the Universe. The circle contains all there is. Like the Earth and the Solar System - containing all there is.

Mandalas are everything and everywhere, our bodies, our eyes, our brains, the very cells that make your entire body - all Mandalas.

Mandala is the shape that creates life for every living organism on our planet and beyond. The Earth is a Mandala and so is a drop of water…

 Just like our circular shaped logo, the Mandala is a sacred shape -it's the circle that holds all of life - absolutely everything !

"Your Mandala" is the story of YOU

You and your life

Your Mandala … Your story

Your everything

Everything you say, think, feel and do

Your life

Your mandala

Your people


Mandalas intertwining ….. 

You and Your Mandala …..

Me and my Mandala …..

Them and their Mandala

Together ..… Our Mandalas

His Mandala … Her Mandala…

Other People’s Mandalas …………

Mandalas within Mandalas

They are everywhere.


In summary, it makes sense then, that Spirit of Mandala means ‘everything to do with the unseen, untouchable part of your life’ - that is always with you but not fully expressed or understood.

It is our job at Spirit of Mandala to help people to understand this unseen, invisible part of themselves and work with it to find the place where love lives and excitement for the future grows. Our work takes place in the unseen, invisible part of life - Your Life!



Wendy Bishop