We humans generally have a history of blocking our true self-expression and emotions, from the time we are born we are conditioned into a way of living that does not always allow for freedom of expression and being our authentic self. 

Due to our heavy conditioning, we unknowingly prevent and block our Life Force Energy from flowing freely - as it should.

Most adults today have grown up, thinking they are not good enough, not free enough to fully express themselves, or not worthy of abundance in life. We all like to think we are special in some way but we do not allow our ‘specialness’ to express itself.

It's time to reflect, go back and 'reprogram' our thinking and limitations. No longer living in fear but instead we can live in abundance and joy with a world based on LOVE.

Love is all there is … it is available to everyone! AND IT’S FREE!

Most people start to create energy blocks in childhood and over time the reality is that the blocks begin to create dis-ease in the body. The body actually uses some of its supply of Life Force Energy to hold the blockages down, deep within the physical body. That blocked energy could be used in a more positive way to lead an energetic, empowered and more meaningful life.

When we start to release our blockages then we set our childhood fears, pains and hurt free so we have more energy to live our life - we become lighter, with more freedom.

A common issue among most people today is fear of facing their hidden issues within themselves. Often these fears can become too overwhelming to cope with, but the reality is the Universe will never send us anything we can’t handle.

Releasing blockages and limitations is never as bad as we think it will be. More often than not the blockage is from a relatively minor event, that we experienced as a child, and it seemed huge at the time, simply because we were a child.

If blockages are significant, then with education and support anyone can learn to move forward without them. A past event does not have to influence the future if we know how to approach it and deal with it. That is the amazing thing about being human - we have choice about what we do, say think and feel.

Our entire purpose for being here on Earth is to find out who we really, free of blockages so we can fully express ourselves and when we all do that our world will change, for the better!

Wendy Bishop