The Pendulum can be used as an extension of your intuition,                                                                                            to gain access to information that exists at your unconscious level.

When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own intuition/inner knowing that answers through movement in your nervous system - the pendulum just allows you to physically see what your intuition already knows – this is called “divination”.                                                                                                                                                                      

Your unconscious thoughts cause the tiny muscles in your fingers to react and move the pendulum - this is known as an ideo-motor response.

The pendulum becomes a direct link to your unconscious which is where thoughts and memories are stored but your conscious mind is unaware of this knowledge.                                                                           


Each time you get your pendulum out, take a conscious moment to cleanse it.

The more grounded you are, the better the results.

Hold the pendulum in your hand over your heart, take a couple of deep breaths and say something like:  

       “I cleanse this pendulum with love and light so the answers it will give are just right.”


You can only ask the pendulum YES/NO questions, so you need to establish which way the pendulum swings for YES and which way it will swing for NO. This should be established each time you start to use it, as the response can change.

To determine YES/NO answers, ask your pendulum to show you ‘YES’ and wait for a response.

Ask the pendulum to show you “NO’ and wait for a response.

The pendulum should move in different directions for each response.

Once you have determined YES/NO ask it a question such as -

“Is my name Wendy?” and “Is my name Kevin?” etc… to confirm the response.


Clear your mind of external thoughts and emotions then focus on phrasing your question carefully so that a YES/NO answer can be given.

The guidance will be clearer if you don't leave the answer open to interpretation - e.g.

 "Should I buy a new car?” - this is vague.

Do you mean now? In the future?

It’s better to ask "Is it in my best interest to buy a new car at this time?"  

If you ask a vague question, your pendulum may give a 'maybe' swing or stop moving.

If you're not sure, try re-phrasing the question to cross-check.

Keep repeating your question in your mind or out loud, whatever suits you, the idea is to focus on the question not the pendulum movement.

Like most divination tools the more you use your pendulum the more it will tune into your energy.

It is important that you allow your mind to go blank and not think about the answer.                                   

Repeat something to yourself like “I ask for truth with love”

Or focus on moving up your chakras, visualising each spinning with balance and colour.

Whatever you choose to do or say, it is to take your mind off the answer so you don’t influence the pendulum with your thoughts – remember thoughts are real things – they really do create your reality!

Wendy Bishop