A good Feng Shui Consultant will use all three schools of Feng Shui to read your property.


Form School helps to identify the influence of the physical landscape around your premises - this is known as working with the “Celestial Animals” which consider how your home is situated in relation to everything around it.

Physical things like mountains, hills, trees, poles, rivers and creeks, dams and tanks are taken into consideration during the consultation, as well as the surrounding buildings.

Everything around you will determine whether or not you are accessing the energy to its maximum potential. Form School also evaluates the shape of your land and building and how the Life Force Energy flows into the property.

The aim is to make minimal changes to the property but manipulating the energy, so it flows freely, without blockages, restriction or compromise.


The Consultant uses the special “Lo-Pan Compass”, along with your date of birth, to identify specific areas in your building such as personal areas and energy distribution around the home after the energy comes in. The placement of key things like the oven, heaters, bathrooms and toilets are also considered.

The compass is used to identify your personal energy area -  which is where you and your family draw your energy from each and every day. Without realising it, we can be sabotaging ourselves by what physical items we place in these personal areas. If your personal area is cluttered or has detrimental things such as clutter, toxins, bathroom, stairs or an oven, then it affects your life and especially health.

A good Feng Shui Consultant can be very accurate in reading what each member of the household suffers from, or can potentially suffer from according to their personal area and how long they have lived in the house.

For example: One individual’s area can adversely affect their liver and eyes whereas another person’s area might affect their intestines or bones.


A Consultant’s intuition develops with time and experience. Wendy has consulted in many homes and businesses and says that strange things happen when she needs to be intuitively alerted to something within or about the property.

“When I read a property, I go into a zone or mind frame and become totally absorbed in the assessment, tuning into the property and its occupants. Sometimes words might just blurt out of my mouth or a fleeting thought won’t go away, and I think where did that come from? So, I explore a bit further and something I may have missed or that is hidden in some way is revealed to me. It always amazes me how supported I am to do this work.”

- Wendy

Wendy Bishop