Does a Personal Consultation predict my future?

No. This is not a psychic reading of the future but rather a discussion about your soul’s journey past, present and future. Wendy understanding of soul development will assist you to identify where you are at, and what you need to do, to become the best version of yourself.

Does a Reiki Attunement conflict with my religion?

No. Nearly all religions acknowledge in some way, the existence of soul and Life Force Energy.  A Reiki Attunement simply re-connects you with your soul and allows you to access more of that all-important Life Force Energy. You do not have to have any special beliefs to benefit from Reiki.

Will I have to make any structural changes to my home after having a Feng Shui Consultation?

Very Rarely, does Wendy recommend for someone to move from their home or make large costly changes. Wendy understands that families are often struggling with finances and she will do her best to find a simple but effective solution for the blockage issue in your home. Most people need to just make a few tweaks and simple placements to access more Life Force Energy.

Is the Live Event suitable for teenagers?

Yes. Teenagers will especially love the depth of conversation happening at the Live Event! A great experience to share with your teenager, to reconnect and share a new perspective on life. Everything at Spirit of Mandala is for everyone regardless of age, religion, gender.

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied?

Yes. We stand by our professional and ethical products and services. If you are not a happy customer, then we are not a happy business!

Can I convert to an Family Package after I have already paid for something in the package?

Yes. With the exception of a Feng Shui Consult.

  • You can for example try the Reiki yourself then covert to a Family Package, and we will deduct what you paid for your Reiki Attunement.

  • If you have been paying monthly for Membership, then we will stop the monthly fee at the time of the appointment and give you the next 12 months free.