Our Services

  • An Evening with Wendy - Join our email list or Facebook page to see when “An Evening with Wendy” is in a town or city near you. $89

  • Spiritual Mentoring - Let Wendy guide you when you’re not sure what to do next. $110

  • Reiki - Visit our website to book your Reiki Attunement so you can access Life Force Energy for yourself and your loved ones - for the rest of your life! $150

  • Feng Shui - Use the environmental energy around your home to your advantage. (See Packages in our Online Store under “Our services”)

  • Online Course - Learn how to really get to know yourself and work with your own energy. Easy to follow and self paced. $195

  • Online Store - Purchase energy work products and services. Capped shipping. Discounts offered when joining our newsletter mailing list.