Is Reiki for you? YES, it's your birthright!

Did you know that as a child, you could do Reiki?

Then, as you grew, your conditioning took over, you were never told you could do it and as a result you lost the ability to do it. But you can get it back!

We can re-activate it for you - and you'll have it forever!

Reiki has always been a part of you!

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ULVERSTONE, Sunday 20th October 2019, 2:00pm-5.00pm
Eventbrite - Hobart TAS - REIKI (Small Group)

HOBART, Sunday 27th October 2019, 2:00pm-5.00pm
Eventbrite - Hobart TAS - REIKI (Small Group)

HOBART, Sunday 16th November 2019, 2:00pm-5.00pm
Eventbrite - Hobart TAS - REIKI (Small Group)

BURNIE, Sunday 23rd November 2019, 2:00pm-5.00pm
Eventbrite - Hobart TAS - REIKI (Small Group)

LAUNCESTON,Sunday 24th November 2019, 2:00pm-5.00pm
Eventbrite - Hobart TAS - REIKI (Small Group)


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) - A form of self healing that is thousands of years old. First used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks, then re-discovered in the 1800's by Mikao Usui, who developed it into a very simple, but powerful, healing technique activated through the palms of the hands.

Easy to use, natural and safe, Reiki is a method of self-healing and personal empowerment that everyone can use. Reiki hands can be placed anywhere on the body and the Life Force Energy begins to flow through your hands.

Reiki can be received by any living thing - it’s all the same energy. As well as using it on yourself, you can use it on the things you really care about, including other people, plants and animals.


Life Force Energy flowing through your body is essential for happiness, health and well-being. Reiki supplies additional Life Force Energy to the body bringing more balance between Mind, Body and Spirit. From birth we are all able to do Reiki - children are naturals!


Unknowingly, humans block their emotions, childhood hurts, failures and resentments, blocking the flow of their own Life Force Energy.

Many people are not aware of the stuck energy and blockages they hold, they just know there is no spring in their step and they aren’t truly happy.

Reiki offers more balanced and grounded everyday living because it subtly helps to release what we don’t need to carry around anymore - it lightens the load…..

There is a certain comfort in knowing that anytime, anywhere, you can stop and place your Reiki hands on yourself to instantly access more energy, become more grounded and relaxed.


“Most people feel it is comforting and reassuring - like an old friend. It becomes your go-to place in challenging times.


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  • Balances Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Promotes flow of Life Force Energy

  • Relaxes, soothes - reducing stress

  • Promotes love and compassion

  • Promotes natural self-healing

  • Pain relief

  • Releases energy blocks

  • Adapts to the needs of the receiver

  • Helps meditation/mindfulness

  • Offers sense of connectedness


“I’ve used Reiki in my own life for many years and know first hand the benefits for myself and my family."

“I see people losing their energy every single day.

I want to share what I know with everyone! So we can all be empowered and live more meaningful lives.”

- Wendy Bishop


Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity, religion or spiritual development. Available to everyone, it has been successfully taught to thousands of people, of all ages and backgrounds. It gives us access to energy we are all entitled to, it’s our birth right.

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It is a simple, quite beautiful experience, non-invasive and in no way uncomfortable. As you sit for only a few minutes, symbols are placed/drawn into your aura to activate the life force. It works very quickly and you can start using Reiki immediately.


As you go about your daily activities - anytime your hands are free!

  • soothing your children

  • your partner

  • watching TV

  • at the cinema

  • reading a book

  • out for dinner

  • in bed as you go to sleep

  • comforting for the elderly

  • reassuring for teenagers

  • the cat or the dog

  • the baby bird fallen from the nest, the sick puppy or the droopy flowers.

... anything alive can benefit from Reiki.


“After our family having Reiki it truly has changed our lives forever and as a mother I am ever so grateful. My oldest daughter had chronic insomnia but since our Reiki, being taught how we can use it daily my daughter s insomnia has eighty percent improved.
My youngest daughter has also had major improvements knowing how to protect herself from negative people. For myself it has improved my life dramatically as I use it for chronic pain. My husband was extremely sceptical of it but now uses it daily for lower back pain. My reason for writing about our experience with Wendy is because it has changed so much of our lives…… You will love the knowledge Wendy Bishop has and she has a loving caring nature. You truly have nothing to lose but lots to gain.”
Deb S, Kingston

“I had my reiki attunement with Wendy about two months ago and have since been using it on myself, my family and my pets. With my family going through a stressful time it has provided comfort on so many levels. Giving reiki to my dad who has been unwell has been both comforting for me and healing for him. My brother (a skeptic) was surprised to find relief in his ankle after I gave him reiki for 10 minutes, on a pain he’d had for days. I have more control than ever over my emotions and anxiety. Reiki seems to have enhanced my ability to connect with myself and tune into my own energy, how to re-ground when my head feels like a battlefield. Thank you Wendy, you have genuinely changed my life” Georgia B, Hobart


At Spirit of Mandala we know people are busy and the dollars don’t go as far these days, so we have designed affordable, time savvy options, for your Reiki Attunement. It won’t take all weekend and it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars! We offer attunements to everyone for just $150!!




SPIRITUAL MENTORING and Reiki Attunement

*We also offer packages that include all our services (including Reiki). Visit our online store under “OUR SERVICES” for inclusions and pricing.

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