Shell Essences

Shell Essences are like an “energy medicine”. They are natural remedies, similar to homeopathy, made using the same method as other nature essences - pioneered by Edward Bach of the Bach Flower Remedies.


Shell essences are based around the understanding that all of nature is created from the same Life Force Energy and the shells allow us to psychically access ‘higher consciousness wisdom’ about healing/balancing our mind, body and soul.

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Shell Essences are sprays for the aura, or drops taken under the tongue (or in water) and they enter the body via energy channels known as “meridians.”

These energy meridians have been used in acupuncture and herbal healing for thousands of years - they are the channels for the Life Force Energy to move around the body.

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  • The Essence drops have distilled, pure water and brandy to ground them. Placing the drops straight under your tongue is ideal, but they can be diluted in water to suit your taste. Great to put into your water bottle and drink throughout the day.

  • For children they can be mixed with juice, milk, water, or applied to the skin of a small infant.

  • Generally speaking, it is recommended that 1-2 different Essences can taken regularly in conjunction with each other.

  • The spray mists are simply sprayed into the aura as often as desired.

  • If you use the wrong essence, the body will just allow that energy to dissipate from the aura because that healing is not required.

  • Shell Essences are very safe. No negative side effects have ever been found and you cannot overdose on them. Even if you are allergic to shell fish you can still take them.

When the mind is in harmony - the emotions are balanced

When the emotions are in harmony - the body is balanced

And when the mind and emotions are balanced -

Your Spirit is in Harmony.

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Read the information in the table below to select the appropriate Shell Essence.

The Essences come in 25ml glass dropper bottles and 125ml plastic spray bottles

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If you have not heard of Shell Essences, it is because you have not been ready for them.

But hey... you know about them now, don't you?

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