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We are a Tasmanian based business, passionate about empowering families and individuals by educating them about how to work with their own life force energy.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Spirit of Mandala.  


Spirit of Mandala is a Tasmanian based business focusing on family and individual well-being and empowerment.

Through education and consultation, we show you how to live and work with awareness of your own personal energy. This also involves understanding your thinking as an important part of your energy system.

Education, Reiki and Feng Shui all enable us to work directly with your invisible Life Force Energy. We take a holistic approach as we use these modalities to help you increase energy flow for you and your loved ones - which results in a more empowered, aware and meaningful life.

Our services encourage family Reiki attunements and our Feng Shui Consults take into consideration all members of the family according to their birth date. We offer live events around Tasmania where you can join Wendy Bishop as she talks about understanding your own personal energy.

Our plans are to become nation-wide but first, we are passionate about being Tasmanian, so we want to take care of our own first, here in our beautiful island state of Tasmania.


Our business is all about YOUR LIFE!

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We assist you to clear the blockages and restrictions that limit your LIFE FORCE ENERGY flow.

We all need as much Life Force Energy as we can get! It's what makes us feel really alive, it’s what makes us thrive when it flows freely, without blockages and restrictions.

When our energy is flowing we become more energetic and enthusiastic about life. We become more in touch with our own Inner Spirit and life begins to have more meaning and magic!

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Many people ignore their Inner Spirit, or aren't even aware that it is a part of them, and yet there are clues everywhere...... we just have to ‘re-learn’ how to know and notice the clues and guidance that is available to us.

Finding balance with all three aspects of being human (Mind, Body and Spirit) is often a challenge as individuals tend to focus on either the mind, or the body, or both - but too often Spirit is forgotten and yet it is the key to everything!


"If you give a man a fish

you will feed him for a day,

but if you teach him how to fish,

you will feed him for a lifetime."


Working Together

Working on yourself, learning and growing is the single most important things you can do to create a more meaningful life and sustainable future for Planet Earth.

Raising the vibration of our planet relies on each individual taking responsibility for their own growth. When one person grows, we all grow. As we individually raise our own energetic vibration, it reflects outwardly, like a ripple effect into the world and this raises the vibration of our Planet Earth.

Together, we can ALL play our part in creating a better world, accessing more energy, raising our consciousness, and creating a brighter future for our children - and the planet.

We were never meant to work alone, that's why we were given the gift of communication - to share the journey together. Helping and caring for each other.

"I hope you enjoy the products and services we offer at Spirit of Mandala, they have been carefully selected and prepared for YOU!

- Wendy Bishop


‘Your MANDALA’ Journey

When you choose to work with us, we say it changes from Spirit of Mandala to "Your Mandala" - because the focus becomes all about YOU!   

Our grand hope for you, is that you will embrace all we offer because everything has a purpose, and everything is aimed towards helping you and your loved ones to start thriving instead of just surviving!