Feng Shui

with Wendy Bishop


We offer families/individuals, personalised Feng Shui Consultations based on individual dates of birth for all members of the family. We do this to ensure no-one in the household is compromised in terms of accessing ‘Life Force Energy’.

Feng Shui (pronounced “foong shway”) is the combination of two Chinese words meaning "wind & water" - these are the two natural elements that have the most influence on our lives, within our homes and workplaces but also life itself. Wind and water are direct carriers of Life Force Energy.

Wind is the very air we breathe to keep us alive and it’s air/wind that moves Life Force Energy, also known as ‘Chi” through our homes.

Water also keep us alive and the placement of water in our homes affects the flow of Life Force Energy - water can actually stop the energy/chi from moving.

Feng Shui is more of a science than an art because it is working directly with the ‘environmental energy’ around your home.

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Life Force Energy (Chi) needs to flow freely, without restriction, gently through our homes. Unfortunately that is not always the case and many people live without knowing that environmental energies influence their lives, or that they even exist.

The placement of fire/heaters/stove, as well as furniture and objects within your home, affects the energy flow, which in turn affects your personal energy flow.

How you think, feel and act, how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life can all be influenced by the amount of Life Force Energy you are accessing from your home.

Planet Earth is a very large, living organism with cycles of energy that are ever changing.  Wendy says:

“We simply can’t expect to just place ourselves in a house anywhere on this Earth and expect to have a great life, without taking into consideration the natural energy cycles of the Earth.”

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Within a home, every individual has a ‘personal area’ in which they draw their Life Force Energy on a daily basis. Personal areas need to be clear and unrestricted. Feng Shui identifies where those areas are for all members of the family, and how freely the Life Force Energy is, or is not, flowing for them.

Feng Shui can explain a lot of challenging things that happen in our lives, such as:

  • continuous health issues

  • too many arguments

  • nightmares

  • children issues

  • relationship problems

  • problems with extended family

  • fertility issues

  • loss/lack of finances

  • lack of opportunity in life

  • no future vision or goal settin

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Many large businesses, corporations, casinos and even banks use Feng Shui to enhance their business. Feng Shui is currently in its 80-year cycle of major impact on the world - so the time to utilise this amazing tool is now!

Feng Shui offers a unique way of looking at yourself and your environment.

It provides a way of bringing balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment in a manner that is difficult to achieve by any other means.

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A Feng Shui Consultation is where Wendy visits your home and does a ‘reading’ of your home to assess the environmental energy around you.

Wendy will start reading your property even before she gets out of the car. Working inwards from the outside of the home, the assessment carefully focuses on the energies of the surrounding land, the whole block, whole house, whole rooms and then specific placement of things like beds, ovens, heaters and water outlets/features.

Blockages and restrictions will be identified, and enhancements made when required, so no-one in the family is compromised. Generally the changes you need to make are subtle and you don’t need to have Chinese dangly things everywhere, in-fact changes can be made using every-day items such as plants, crystals and garden statues.


The average low-rise, three-bedroom house takes around 2 hours for the consultation. Multi-storey or irregular shaped homes take longer to read because they are more complex.

The consultation includes analysis of the following:

  • PERSONAL AREAS - for everyone living in the home

  • FIRE - placement of fires, heaters, ovens and all things fire-related

  • ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY - identify harmful electromagnetic fields

  • CHI FLOW - fine tuning and harnessing energy coming to your property

  • FURNITURE PLACEMENT - eg beds, lounges, desks

A good Feng Shui Consultant will read your premises using all three forms of Feng Shui:

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1. Form School - Focuses on the physical landscape around your property, the shape of your home and how it is situated on the land.

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2.Compass School -The “Lo-Pan” compass is used to identify energy flow around the home and personal areas for each member of the household.


3.Intuitive School - The intuition of your consultant adds another dimension to the consult.

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We prefer to offer Feng Shui in packages so you have opportunity to access all our services - giving you a real boost!

  1. Go to our Online Store and select OUR SERVICES to find Family/Individual Packages.

  2. Once you have paid we will contact you to arrange a date and time.

  3. In the weeks prior to the date of your consult Wendy will email you to collect dates of birth for everyone living in the home. You will be asked if you are able to provide copies of plans for the property which are helpful but not essential.

Most people know Feng Shui - but they don’t realise they know it. For example, a couple might move into the new home and she loves it but he feels slightly uncomfortable or unsure. You can bet that on some level the house is not supporting him.  The uncomfortable person’s intuition knows the Feng Shui is not good for them but they don’t usually listen to their inner knowing or understand. 

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